Moulds for plastics

Tool shop

The tool shop is situated very close to the town centre in newly refurbished historical building.

Example of a part   Example of a part
Example of a part   Example of a part

The equipment of the tool shop is maintained to a high technological level. This, together with professional qualifications our employees enables us to provide high quality products.

Tool shop   Milling centers
Tool shop   Milling centers

The main purpose of the tool shop is production of injecting moulds. We are also experienced in production of cutting and bending tools as well as individual parts for specific use. We are able to work with great accuracy (generally to 0.010 mm).

CNC wire EDM cutting machines   CNC EDM die sinker machines
CNC wire EDM cutting machines   CNC EDM die sinker machines

Chemical-thermal processing of the majority of parts we perform in cooperation with our partners' firms.

Capacity of the Tool shop

  • Maximum dimensions: 1000×600×400 mm
  • Optimal weight of individual products: up to 200 kg.
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Two-shift operation

    During a year we produce approximately 80 specific injecting moulds besides many other products.

Available technologies

  • Wire cutting (ø0,2 a ø0,1 mm wire)
  • Die sinkikg (3-axis, 4-axis)
  • Welding (mainly with laser but also other methods)
  • Milling (classical, CNC 3-axis)
  • Lathe turning (classical, CNC)
  • Polishing (by hand, with ultrasonic, up to brilliant polish)
  • Lapping
  • Sand blasting
  • Drilling basic and small-diameter holes
  • Assembly and finish by hand

Machine list

  • 3× CNC milling centre (MAS, TOS)
  • 1× CNC turning lathe (MAS)
  • 1× CNC die sinker (Agie)
  • 3× NC die sinker (KingSpark)
  • 4× CNC wire cutter (Agie, Hitachi)
  • 1× CNC 3D measuring device (Wenzel)
  • 1× CNC laser welding machine (Lasag)
  • 1× CNC surface grinding machine (Brand)
  • 2× flat surface grinding machine (ZVL)
  • 1× rotary grinding machine (TOS)

Who to contact

To discuss an progress in a project which has already been placed please contact Mr. Jan Teply who is the head of the tool shop.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements and new projects please contact Mr. Jaroslav Pokorny.