Moulds for plastics

Plastic components development

Except moulds and plastic parts production we are engaged in development and innovation of plastic components and also units where plastic parts are used.

Many proposals for improvement are offered to our customers with whom we have good and long partnerships without extra fee. This attitude strengthens stability of our business and personal relationships as well as increasing the quality and efficiency of our products.

Examples of realised projects

Valve for thermos flask

Customer: Helios Dr. Bulle GmbH & Co. KG

An example of our innovation is a simple valve mechanism which enables pouring liquid out when the lid of the thermos flask is closed. The valve is controled by a thumb and the user manages with one hand to manipulate the thermos flask. 100% tightness is guaranteed even when the thermos flask is turned upside down, if the valve is not opened. An original design required to turn the lid slightly (or even unscrew) to be able to pour the liquid out.

In regular thermos flasks it often happens that while being washed in a dishwasher, the dirty water leaks into not only joints but even inner impenetrable hollows of the thermos flask. Afterwards when handling the empty thermos flask you are able to hear swishing. Also in the inner hollows germs can live and fungi can grow. Using our method this problem is eliminated.

Backrest for school chair

Customer: Santal Třeboň

A screw connection of the backrest was replaced by a plastic part which retains a higher firmness. This innovation brings significant savings when assembling the chairs.

New generation polarisation lamp

Customer: I.B.C. Pacov

We worked on a development of plastic parts for a new polarisation lamp resulting in a product with a new design, surface finish and considerably higher utility value. The lamp is used for rehabilitative purposes.