Moulds for plastics

Tool repairs

People make mistakes. But we are ready for these sorts of situations should they occur. Some errors can be rectified by us. We are able to eliminate some errors and repair many damaged parts so they can be in operation once more. The most important part in this process is the 3D laser welding machine and the skilled hands of our experienced workers.

Our offer

We are able:

  • to repair worn-out surfaces
  • to renovate and restore shear edges
  • to repair damaged and broken away parts
  • to reduce the size of the holes
  • to fill the material in where it is missing by mistake
  • to repair parts from Al alloys

We offer repairing to all our customers. The price is specified in advance according to our technical expertise. Please telephone in the first instance to discuss any problem.

Laser welding

  • Special machine with CNC 3-axis drive
  • Output of the laser: 400 W
  • Built-in microscope
  • Different additional materials
  • Hardness of weld deposit: 40–60 HRC
  • Welding in protective atmosphere