Parts for electrotechnics

Shortly after foundation of the firm we started to produce knobs for potentiometers. These parts are counted among widely known parts of the electronics industry.

Mixing desk   Knobs for potentiometers
Mixing desk   Knobs for potentiometers

The knobs for potentiometers exist in two basic designs:

  • one-piece
  • two-piece
One-piece   Two-piece
One-piece   Two-piece

Two-piece controllers consist of a body and a cover. The covers are made in several colours.

Detailed description of the products can be found in our catalog.

Custom production

In the course of years these current parts were joined by other parts such as:

  • boxes of thermoregulators
  • parts for mobile phones charger
  • bow for a walkman
  • plastic parts of controllers
  • mounting plates
  • parts for house electrical instalation
Adaptor   Bottom part
Adaptor   Bottom part

These parts are not intended for free sale because they belong to custom parts. If you are interested in production of plastic parts for your electronical product, please, contact us.