Moulds for plastics

Examples of moulds

Our tool shop makes approximately 80 tools in a year. We make serial tools as well as prototype tools for different areas:

  • Automotive
  • Electrotechnics
  • Households
  • Medicine
  • Other industrial areas

Mould for a cover

The cover is a part with a very high requirement for accuracy and quality of surface structure.

Injector housing

Single use injector serves to the operators by eye surgeons for lense transplantation.

Examples of parts

Following illustrations show a few examples of parts whose moulds were produced by our firm. We were also involved in the development of some of them.

For all showed parts we carried out following:

  • design engineering
  • manufacturing a mould
  • testing and corrections
  • production of samples

The photographs illustrate variability and preciseness of parts. Each of them has to satisfy all specific requirements of our customers.


There are overmoulded contacts inside of the connector.

Thermos flask

The thermos flask is characterised by a high gloss and resistant finish with special technology during manufacturing which allows washing in a dishwasher.

It was made for the company: Helios Dr. Bulle GmbH & Co. KG

ECU Housing

ECU Housing is a plastic shell of PBT GF30 which protects an electronical control unit in vehicles. Both conectors are insert parts.

Cable clip US1

Cable clip US1 is used for a bunch of cables up to 50mm in diameter. This part is protected by industrial design patent number 16661.

Development and production of this part was completely carried out by our company.


Carrier is a part made for car sliding windows systems. It is a classic example of 2K (two-component) part of PA6 GF15 and TPE. It is made in two separated steps.


Single use injector serves to the operators by eye surgeons for lense transplantation.

Grid frame

The frame serves in cars for electronical system connection. It is special by many inserted and overmoulded contacts and bushings

BWG Housing

The housing protects the electronical units in cars. It has inserted and overmoulded contacts.